I vividly recall stepping off the train in Samsi, West Bengal for the first time. Our team was rather exhausted from the 40 or so hours of travel since departing from the airport in Houston, Texas. We made our way with our luggage to the awaiting cars and drove the next few miles to the compound that houses the facilities.

We only had a short amount of time to change, have breakfast, and meet together prior to the first morning. Throughout the day the crowd continued to grow. Several years and conferences have now come and gone since that first day. The physical progress has been incredible. Doors have opened, new property and buildings have been purchased, new facilities constructed, and so much more.

I wish each of you could go every year and be there with us to witness the power. Whether in the services, the medical camps, or in any number of the villages where we were the first white men many of them had ever met.

There is a way you can go however. We need your assistance in two very valuable and indispensable ways.
We are in desperate need of financial assistance for the open doors are many and the work is so great.

Please consider partnering with us financially. Your donations are tax deductible. 100% of your donations go directly to the work in India.

Dr. Fred Childs

The capital of West Bengal is Calcutta. The name Calcutta is derived from Kali (Hindu goddess of destruction). The official language of West Bengal is Bengali (85.8%). The minority languages include Santali (2.6%), Urdu (2.1%) and Nepali (1.3%).

When India gained independence, Bengal was divided into West and East based on Hindu/ Muslim religion. Later East Bengal became now known Bangladesh. Due to this partition, millions of refugees poured into the city of Calcutta. Today 13 million people live in Calcutta, which makes it the world’s lowest standard of living with vast slums. Now Calcutta has over one million homeless according to the recent statistics.